Starting Up My Own Salon. Part Two

It's summer of 2021. I haven't gave on my salon dream. Danny would text me every now and them. Still being his useless self. He offered a few hundred to h elp pay rent. I think out of all the 100's of time he said he was, I only got one check from him for $200. Which is nothing. All in all he only paid $2000 in rent out of the $8000 I paid. I seriously though about starting over with him on a new space on a strip mall, but was reminded again how unreliable and trustworthy he was.

After taking out another $20,000 loan, I had two options for me. One was to pay off all my credit card debt or option two was to invest in a new space for my salon. I of course really wanted a salon.

My mindset was, I'm already in debt over this salon, buying the equipment, etc.

I really wanted to try again. I found this cute office space that could've been a stunning salon. I really had my hopes set on it. I even designed 3D layouts of the space. I submitted my offer to the realtor.

All I had to do is wait for the owner to reply back.

Two months waiting

After waiting for a reply they finally said that they passed on it. They already have a few salons close by on their other mall strips and they didn't want any more. I found that old since they had two empty salons ready to rent out, but didn't want to keep them as salons. Again my hope were let down. My send attempt had failed as far as a location and building.

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