Starting Up My Own Salon. Part Three.

So for the third attempt at finding the perfect salon space, I found two spaces. One was in a little strip mall right off the road and the other was a nice salon in a office building. The pros and cons were all follows.


Easy To See From The Road. Not Set Up As A Salon.

So after asking Danny to come look at both spaces, he pretty much told me the salon would be the better option as it would be expensive to do the build out in the store front. Although I had made up my mind not to work with Danny again, I still needed someone to talk too.

The fact that he was selling me on building out a space during my part one search to him telling me a build out would be expensive, shows me the guy was a cheap liar from the get go. This pretty much put the stamp on me not wanting to go into business with the guy.

He never showed up to appointments, never gave me more than a few minutes of his time. He was always forgetful. Seemed like the salon was a side project. My mother says Danny is a con artist and never was going to do the build out. I told Danny he ruined my life.

Just in case you were wondering what such a person looks like. I added his photo below.


Here were my two options: The Store Front and The Office Building

I waited a month to hear back from the realtor. She finally got back to me and said that the owner was waiting on an offer that finally came through. Some guy offered to buy the whole building and he plans on ripping out the first floor, so that means the salon space would be ripped out. Once again after my third attempt, I was out of a salon space.

Just in case you wanted to see what it would've looked like. I did a 3d design for it below.

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