Starting Up My Own Salon. Part Four.

Just when I was about to give up, I found an ad on craigslist under beauty items for sale. The lady had alot of salon items for sale. I wasn't really interested in the salon items because they were old and dated, however I wanted to call the lady to find out if the space was ready to rent out.

I called the lady and asked her about the salon space. She said that it has been a salon since she could remember. She had ran it for 15 years. It was a salon even before she had it. She had told me that she was closing down and that the space can be rented. She have me the owners phone number.

I called the owner and she said that they were surprised that the lady was closing her shop on such a short notice. It turns out that her husband died and after 15 years in the hair business, she was done.

The owners seemed really excited that I asked about renting it, because they haven't had time to post it. In away I might have been lucky to catch such a good space before it even hit the market listings.

I learned what the rent price was, how old the building was and that's all they knew about it. They had just bought the building and didn't know what the layout was as they just collected the rent checks from the lady. This will be the first time they get to see the salon without a tenet.

So I went to look at the building and peek through the window. What I see has a lot of potential.

Power wash the outside, apply a new sign, flower pots and fresh paint, it would make a nice store front. I can even see a place outside to hang posters or to put a bench.

As I peeked in the window I took some photos of the inside. Great open space but dated. I can see doing a new floor, new lighting, painting, etc to turn it into a nice modern salon. I posted photos below.

So I went home and created some 3D layouts of what it could look like. I added them below. Hopefully I get the space in early 2022 and this space can be my first salon.

The salon updated in its current open layout.

I tried a walled in reception area at the entrance to separate the salon. I have lots of design decisions to make once I get the space. We will see how it all turns out once I get open.

Its December 31, 2021. As I wait for January 2022 to roll in and hopefully this salon space to be mine.

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